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Heart of Leaders Program Overview

Heart of Leaders is a yearlong, intensive behavioral change program for senior leaders and aspiring senior leaders who want to learn how to build high-performance teams that get extraordinary results. There is no other leadership development program like Heart of Leaders. It is the first and only program focused on driving bottom line results through Heart Led Leadership principles. Using experiential learning coupled with structured content, dynamic projects and team challenges, our faculty transforms participants (“Explorers”) into high performance leaders. Heart of Leaders training will deliver higher employee engagement, accelerated growth and enable your company to be a workplace of choice for the best talent.


We are developing the next generation of Heart Led Leaders. By placing Explorers in unique and challenging situations time and time again and examining their behaviors, responses and beliefs, employees will have many opportunities over 12 months to learn what brings them to their knees and what makes them exceptional and powerful. They will learn when and how to reach out to others and how to ensure that they can always be there for those who reach out to them. They will learn the ways of the heart and how to follow their hearts as they lead, no matter what the situation. They will be transformed by their extraordinary journey.

Building Deep Relationships

The Heart of Leaders Program is designed to forge strong bonds with fellow senior leaders throughout the business community that will last a lifetime. In a safe environment, they will be able to discuss their day-to-day challenges, deepest fears, loftiest visions and most strongly held values, while being surrounded by loving, strong, authentic, transparent, humble mentors and guides. They will be coached and trained on how to deepen their relationships in every area of their lives. These bonds will transcend “networking.” They will form the kind of bonds that no one outside the program experience is likely to understand.

Events and Challenges

Explorers are challenged to make the journey from their head to their heart through a series of four quarterly core events. Each core event is a three-day intensive learning block that combines experiential learning, structured content, dynamic projects and team challenges.
In each core event, Explorers will be placed in an ambiguous or unanticipated environment, be placed on a team with other Explorers, and be tasked to get a result. A sense of mystery and anticipation is integral to the program design because it allows them to bring their humble, honest, true and open selves to each opportunity. Dealing with the new, the novel and the unexpected is just part of the leadership challenge. The challenges will take them outside the city and outside of themselves. They will also be taken deeper than they ever thought possible into the leadership philosophies of other companies, other leaders and themselves.

2019 Dates

First Quarter
The Bravery Project

Second Quarter
Designing a Heart Led Company

Third Quarter
Rapid Prototyping and Extraordinary Execution

Fourth Quarter
The Crucible – Building High Performance Teams

Return on Investment

At each event, Explorers will design a quarterly plan for a project that they believe will make a significant contribution to their company, shareholders, customers and the community. They will spend each quarter working with their fellow Explorers, mentors, and coaches to create and fine-tune their plans. Deliverables will include (where appropriate) financial projections and expected returns, expected impact on customers and the company.


Explorers will meet, engage and be impacted by many mentors, leaders, coaches, customers, community members, business owners, employees, entrepreneurs, sports figures, singers, songwriters and artists of every form who will pull, twist, test and shape their hearts. They will drink more coffee, meet more people, question more assumptions and test their mettle than ever, while getting direct, honest and loving feedback. It will be a year they will never forget…made possible by your heartfelt belief in them.