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Show Notes


Ep 01: Welcome To The Heart of Leaders Podcast!


Welcome to the Heart of Leaders Podcast! Rick Barrera introduces the journey he and his faculty will take you on.  At the Heart of Leaders, we believe that putting your people first is the transformational strategy that will enable any organization to accomplish its mission faster and more profitably, with less stress and happier customers.


We hope this journey brings you the ideas you have been waiting for!


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Ep 02: Core Principle 1- We Before Me


Organizations are not about individuals, they are about teams and the accomplishment of the collective goals of those teams. Therefore, team goals (especially the organization’s vision) take priority over individual desires. Selfish behaviors of any kind diminish team success. When selfish behaviors cannot be corrected quickly, the selfish team member must go because they will endanger the team, damage team results and cause the defection of the team’s highest performing members.


“The team is there to accomplish the goal, the leader is there to serve the team.” Heart of Leaders Podcast Host, Rick Barrera, explores how selfishness and egotism drag down teams and why cooperation is at the core of all success.


Rick ties stories together with references to studies, books and accredited leaders. He explains why individual’s needs still have to be met, but the teams needs to be the priority. This encapsulates the most important, yet most often misunderstood part of ‘We Before Me.’


When you put your team before yourself, you are guaranteed success and when failure is happening, someone in your team is violating this core principle.


“Individuals matter, teams matter more, leadership shows the way.” – Eric Frohardt, Faculty member

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