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WHY? WHY? WHY? Is this word so rare…

The Super Bowl happened this month, and now Tom Brady has one the most Super Bowl win than any other player. After the game, Brady jumped around going person-to-person tell them all one thing.

“I Love You”

This expression of his love for his friends, team members, league members, and so on, is the key to how this famous player has risen to the top of his industry. Brady is visibly comfortable being vulnerable with these people and expressing himself. As a leader, and to those that see him as a role-model, it is crucial to show how toxic masculinity doesn’t cause success and to show the love for the people around you.

For many people, not enough credit is given, so when a leader tells their team they love them, that credit surfaces and the team is going to be inspired to keep doing better.

Read more about the story at https://www.inc.com/bill-murphy-jr/tom-brady-kept-saying-1-simple-word-over-over-after-super-bowl-it-tells-you-everything-you-need-to-know-about-leadership.html

Space Cowboy, Rick Searfoss, Passes Away.

“Rick Searfoss, a former NASA astronaut who launched on three space shuttle missions before serving as a test pilot for a commercial rocket plane, has died. He was 62.

Searfoss died on Sunday, Sept. 29, at his home in Bear Valley Springs, California, according to the Tehachapi News on Friday (Oct. 5). The cause of death was not reported.

Searfoss is survived by his wife, Julie (McGuire), and their daughters Megan, Liz and Camille.”


Read the full article at https://www.space.com/42062-astronaut-rick-searfoss-obituary.html

New Research Proves That Kindness In The Workplace Drives Bottom Line Outcomes!

A new series of studies is showing that kindness rules. Wellbeing, teamwork, trust, productivity, learning, innovation and retention are all impacted by kindness. Cultivating kindness starts with you modeling it for others. What I’ve learned by watching our faculty in action is that kindness starts with proactively slowing down every time you interact with another person. Taking a personal moment to connect before dealing with problems and opportunities is essential. Too often, we believe that our team needs quick action or rapid decision-making. What they really need is for you to slow down and acknowledge their humanity. They need to know that you care about them. Once they do, they will move heaven and Earth to accomplish team goals. Slow down. Connect.


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Meaning and Purpose

Too many managers numb their people with a relentless drive to “make the numbers.” Yet the number one reason that people work is to provide meaning and purpose to their lives. In this excellent article from Inc. the author points out that the reason so many people are quitting their jobs right now is a lack of meaning and purpose in their current position. Heart Led Leaders understand that It is essential that you know what meaning and purpose each of your team members is seeking and align their projects and work to enable them to do what they do best.


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The Power of the Heart

This article from Inc. Magazine provides yet another example of what happens when you focus on your people, invest in your people and develop Heart Led Leaders throughout your company. They were already growing at 20 percent a year using Head Leadership, but when they added heart, the growth was explosive. That’s the power of Heart Led Leadership.


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