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Episode 16: In Depth with Cathy Sunshine is LIVE

Cathy sunshine talks in depth about relationships within a company alongside how costumers control the company. She goes into detail about how chaos on the outside will reflect the inside and vice versa. Listen for more details on reflecting the image your customers want to get the results you were hoping for.

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Heart of Leaders: Together

Be Your Best

Rick brings you through this journey to make you a Heart Led Leader by learning from the best in every industry. The journey involves a year-long weekly podcast that come with worksheets for each core principle. You can also takes Rick’s Heart of Leaders Program Workshop to have 1-on-1 an in person experience becoming your best YOU. Are you ready? Sign up for the program and download episode one to follow Rick on his journey.

Rick stands out in two ways. First he is fully investing in making behavioral change happen from his talks. This is more than a show up and fill an hour with interesting information. Secondly he is supportive of follow up to make sure there is a return on the investment. Rick does a great job of taking years of experience and distilling them into actionable steps.

Amy Young

Clinical Research Executive and Strategist, DaVita Clinical Research

Rick Barrera

Rick Barrera

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